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For all you unprepared Facebook (PC users) Parents who have lost your computers to viruses, bugs, worms and spyware crawlers, I have news and information for you before and after the Old Girl or Guy goes. First I’ve missed and do miss my friends and family who disappears off the face of Facebook due to a crash or that old PUTER just finally gave way. I like to say also to those  who tried to keep up with Microsoft’s -Software change, which changes every 6 months, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, that’s just how Bill Gates want you to think, and he wants you to think “I JUST GOT TO GO OUT OUT AND GET MYSELF ANOTHER PUTER, THIS ONE IS DEAD”. Think like this, the hardware is like a 90yr Old, and the software is like a Teenager. When you watch the two trying to work together, it’s like watching a 90yr old trying to keep up with a Teenager in a STINKY LEG CONTEST. But there’s hope if not help for your situations. I’m sad to say I’ve witnessed the loss/or return after a loss of several fb friends and family due to computer crash and computer deaths. Several of you knew that the Old Girl was on her way out and held her hand 2 the end. IF YOU CAN PLEASE LET ME KNOW, ahead of time before she goes maybe it’s possible I can diagnose the problem, giving her an extension until you can find or purchase a replacement before the loss. My e-mail is open for any question and don’t feel that your question is not a question to ask, it may give that computer of yours a little more time, so you can say your proper good-bye’s ,i.e., get pictures off, save old music files and memories that can’t be transferred to a new computer after a crash . Talk to me via a Facebook message, I like to help and see if I can salvage your personal files if not your system files whereby saving you a little time and money.

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