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The Need for Humanity to Rule is by Nature

By Nature Humanity is born good, all men were born good-natured. His will to do well is swallowed up by the necessity to rule over. This necessity is an evil found in all good men. Found meaning it, (evil) was not there by design.

Example of Rule in Humanity seen in this edition of My Magazine : http://my.genieo.com/magazines/angel2hi2/2011-02-26/22001



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NEW, DESTINY, ETERNAL UNIVERSE   By the Order of the Universe, the decree of Old must Pass Away whereby making room for ALL Good Things to Rule once again-Over Our New Eternal Spirit Destined for Life, Love and Prosperity Found in ALL Humanity.  https://www.facebook.com/notes/ibbc-information-business-barter-club/monthly-words-of-encouragement-new-destiny-eternal-universe-for-6-1-2011/212092562165026


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