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Join the Club-Share the Knowledge INFORMATION BUSINESS BARTER CLUB-IBB2CLUB IS DEDICATED IN BUILDING STRONG RELIABLE BRIDGES THAT CONNECT OUR COMMUNITIES TO SOCIAL ECONOMIC AND EDUCATIONAL GROWTH. Mission Statement IBB 2 Club-Information Business Barter Club is dedicated in Helping Communities Build Strong Reliable Relationships between the Youth and Elderly which can Possibly Bridge gaps that lay between our Social Economic and Educational … Continue reading

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War-Humanities Unnecessary Necessity

  War-Against Water Air and Man’s Right to Live War is an openly declared state of organized conflict, typified by extreme aggression, societal disruption, and high mortality. As a behavior pattern, warlike tendencies are found in many primate species, including humans, and also found in many ant species. The set of techniques used by a … Continue reading

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The Need for Humanity to Rule is by Nature

By Nature Humanity is born good, all men were born good-natured. His will to do well is swallowed up by the necessity to rule over. This necessity is an evil found in all good men. Found meaning it, (evil) was not there by design. Example of Rule in Humanity seen in this edition of My Magazine … Continue reading

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Float Like a PRO- Sting Like a FILE (Build A Positive Profile Image Part-1 of 3)

Managing the many PROFILES you may have online can be all but a fight in a Social Network Media Arena. With the right determination, this task can be a thing of the past, once you get the right handle on who you are, and the messages(s) you’re projecting in your profiles. Moving through all of … Continue reading

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Build your Business or Personal Profile on the Net

If Your Planning on Social Networking to Build your Business Profile on the Net, then this Edition of My Magazine is an excellent place to Start. Be sure to follow all the links on the Magazine’s Cover Page. IBB 2 Club can help you understand how a Barter System can enhance your business in today’s … Continue reading

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Learn How to Build A Positive Profile Image on the Net Part (1)

This is a Two Week Online Session from Start to Finish on How You can enhance yourself online through examination of your profiles, and the images you are projecting throughout The Social Internet Media Arena. Join the Club-Share the Knowledge-Learn The Network at: IBB 2 Club. Managing the many PROFILES you may have online can be … Continue reading

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For all you unprepared Facebook (PC users) Parents who have lost your computers to viruses, bugs, worms and spyware crawlers, I have news and information for you before and after the Old Girl or Guy goes. First I’ve missed and do miss my friends and family who disappears off the face of Facebook due to a … Continue reading

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Information Business Barter Club Say’s:

We ALL Should Love  to Live Life to It’s Fullest, Being Unconditionally Happy and Content Join the Club-Share the Knowledge-Learn to Network and Prosper. IBB 2 Club at: https://groups.live.com/Bu​sinessBarter2Club/ E-Mail the Club at: BusinessBarter2Club@groups.live.com Find the Club on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IBB-2-Club-Information-Business-Barter-Club/185846521456297 Related articles Learn How to Build A Positive Profile Image on the Net Part (1) (ibb2club.wordpress.com) … Continue reading

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